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Lahore Zoo Animals Contract Blood Parasite Disease

In September 2023, the outbreak of the African Trypanosomiasis, a vector-borne parasitic disease among various herbivores and carnivores, which targets their blood and other vital organs like the liver, lungs and stomach, has raised concerns among veterinary experts, who fear for the lives of the animals stuck in captivity. “Many animals including lions, tigers, Urials […]

Four Black Deer Missing from Jallo Park in Lahore

In Jan 2024, the search for four precious and rare black deer, missing from Jallo Wildlife Park in Lahore for the past four days, continues without any breakthrough. Details emerging from the investigation indicate that on the night of January 11 and 12, seven valuable black deer were stolen from Jallo Wildlife Park. While the […]

Jallo Park in Lahore Attracts Crowd

After the temporary closure of Lahore Zoo and Safari Park due to ongoing upgradation projects in late 2023, Jallo Park experienced a surge in visitors. The newly established lion safari at Jallo Forest and Wildlife Park, a first of its kind, offers a unique experience for wildlife enthusiasts. Additionally, the introduction of a zip line […]

Maintenance and Monitoring of Zoos in the Punjab

The Punjab Captive Wildlife Management Committee (CWMC) has been established in Feb 2024 to oversee the maintenance and monitoring of zoos and wildlife parks across Punjab. This committee replaces the previous separate zoo management committees, which streamlined the operations and management of each zoo and wildlife park. Under the Punjab Wildlife Protection, Preservation, Conservation, and […]

Monitoring of Lahore Zoo

In January 2024, the caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi ordered various government departments, including the Intelligence Bureau and Anti-Corruption Establishment, to monitor ongoing construction work at Lahore Zoo and Safari Zoo. He asked them to update his office about the progress on a daily basis, setting a target to complete the Lahore Zoo and […]

Lahore Zoo Faces an Uncertain Future

  An import ban has stopped menageries across the country from bringing in exotic mammals by Asif Mehmood/ Oct 18, 2022 Children offering grass to herbivores in Lahore zoo. Free Entry to Zoo for Students on Sundays The provincial government is creating a portal for selling entry tickets to the zoo online. The government has […]

Animals in Miserable Condition in Pakistani Zoos

The death of a rare breed giraffe at the Lahore Zoo in Feb 2022 has once again highlighted the problems of short-staffing, distressed animals, inadequate facilities – leading to questions like whether it is time to abandon zoos altogether. The autopsy report revealed that the giraffe, which was a resident of the Lahore zoo since […]