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How to Handle the Stray Dog Problem in Islamabad

by Ayesha Mateen & Yusuf Khan Islamabad faces a contentious public health issue that has long plagued its residents: the spread of rabies and the treatment of stray animals. The complexities surrounding the practice of dog culling as a measure to control rabies have implications for both animal welfare and public health. Despite promises made by the […]

Shelter Homes (Kanji Houses) in the Punjab

Introduced during the British era, Kanji Houses were set up across various areas in Punjab for catching and sheltering stray animals roaming in Lahore. However in recent times some shelter houses have been transformed into government offices or rest houses, while many others are under the control of land occupation mafias, resulting in a scenario […]

Rabies in Karachi

Stray dog attacks are on the rise, according to media reports. The plight of the injured locals and their families does not end when they reach the closest hospital since a shortage of the rabies vaccine, only exacerbates their anxiety over the sudden predicament. For instance, Shahrukh, a resident of Liaquatabad, encountered a similar situation […]

Stray Dogs in Sindh

In 2022, 200,000 cases of dog bites were reported across Sindh. Even though the population of stray dogs has increased alarmingly in the province, this is a country-wide problem. The inability of provincial governments and municipal administrations to devise a strategy to address the issue has led to a dire situation. In flood-affected areas, as […]

Controlling Stray Dogs in KP

The Livestock and Dairy Development Department of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa has finalized plans to expand its stray dog neutering program from divisional to district levels across the province. Originally launched as a pilot project in Peshawar in 2020, the initiative aimed to curb the population of stray dogs and mitigate the threat of rabies, a deadly zoonotic […]

Four Paws Scheme: Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate, Return

Four simple steps to protect millions of stray cats and dogs Did you know that a single female dog can deliver more than a dozen puppies a year, or more than 80 over her lifetime? Female cats are even more prolific in their reproductive capacity, with each intact female cat potentially giving birth to 180 […]

Peshawar Hospitals Lack Anti Rabies Vaccine

Vaccines for rabies are often unavailable in the leading hospitals of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s and Peshawar. As per the previous year’s data of Peshawar’s biggest hospitals – namely Lady Reading Hospital (LRH), Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH), and Hayatabad Medical Complex (HMC) – on average more than 200 cases of dog bites are reported monthly. About 3,320 […]

The Dog Lawyer Doesn’t Care That You Hate Him

In defending dogs at all costs, Richard Rosenthal has made a lot of enemies. But his animal clients owe him their lives. By Hope Corrigan NYT/ July 29, 2022 The case before the court involved a Rhode Island greyhound named Lexus, accused of killing a Pomeranian in a dog park. The prosecution was asking for the […]