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The Rights of Dogs in Pakistan

by Mohammad Hanif When I take my dog for a walk on the beach near my house in Karachi, this is how people react: Mothers tell their kids, look, a dog; kids ask me the dog’s name and if they can touch him; most grown men either recoil or ask me about the price and […]

Pope Decides That Animals Have a Soul

Pope Francis has endeared himself to dog lovers, animal rights activists and vegans. During a weekly general audience at the Vatican in November 2014, the pope, speaking of the afterlife, appeared to suggest that animals could go to heaven, asserting, “Holy Scripture teaches us that the fulfillment of this wonderful design also affects everything around […]

Islam & Animal Rights

Dr. Kristen Stilt is an Islamic scholar inEgyptand has written a book about Islam and animals, endorsed by Dr. Professor ‘Abd Allah Mabrook Al-Najjar, Professor of Shari’a and Law Member of the Council of Islamic Research at the Al Azhar Univ ersity. He says Dr. Stilt’s book is “excellent in its scientific content, accurate from […]

Animals Are a Part of Community Like Us: Holy Quran

Many Muslims appear to have a callous attitude where dealing with animals is concerned giving the impression that maybe their religion has no consideration for animals. However, when we examine the Quran and hadith, we are pleasantly surprised to find that the opposite is true. Islam indeed places much importance on animals and on providing […]

All Kinds of Animal Fights Are Strictly Forbidden in Islam

Out of the numerous such injunctions, one would suffice here: God’s Messenger(s) forbade inciting animals to fight each other. (Narrated by Abdullah bin Abbas. Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi and Abu al-Darda; recorded in Riyad (Ref. No. 28); Hadith No. 1606; p. 271. Also ‘Robson’ (Ref. No. 15), p. 876.) Like camel-humps, fat-tails of sheep and target-animals […]