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Wildlife Combing Operations in the Punjab

In an ongoing crackdown on wildlife trafficking, the Wildlife Combing Operation spearheaded by the Punjab government has seized 3,159 protected animals and birds across the province. Under the supervision of Director General Wildlife & Parks Punjab, Mudassir Riaz Malik, the operation has led to the challaning of 168 accused, who now face fines totaling Rs […]

Slaughtering Bears in Alaska

By Jon Waterman Mr. Waterman is a former ranger at Denali National Park and Preserve and the author of National Geographic’s “Atlas of the National Parks” and the forthcoming “Atlas of Wild America.” I recently had the good fortune to spot grizzly bears on back-to-back days near the road that runs through the center of Alaska’s […]

Hotels Roll Out the Red Carpet for Pets

By Stephanie Rosenbloom/ May 15, 2023 If you wouldn’t dream of going on vacation without your pet, you’re in luck. Hotels and resorts are increasingly catering to them with new packages and amenities (or “pet-menities,” as Virgin Hotels puts it), be it an in-room dining menu for dogs with a “beef woofslider” at Andaz Mexico City Condesa, […]

Respecting Animals is a Moral Imperative

By Nicholas Kristof In 1971, a half-dozen graduate students at Oxford University held what was perhaps the first protest of the modern animal rights movement. They insisted that respecting animals was a moral imperative. And the world changed. No, not right away. But one of those students, a young Australian philosopher named Peter Singer, turned his […]

Santiago, Chile’s Animal Shelter

In the misty forests just outside of Chile’s capital Santiago, a rescued puma stalks the leafy surroundings of the Refugio Animal Cascada, a shelter hoping to rehabilitate and house wildlife affected by the country’s natural disasters. The shelter, first opened two decades ago, has seen a host of new residents in 2023 following a string […]

Contest for Children to Hunt Feral Cats is Scrapped in New Zealand

The country aggressively tries to control invasive species, but the culling event, which was to be part of a bigger hunting competition, generated a backlash. By Yan Zhuang April 19, 2023 A hunting contest in rural New Zealand where children were to compete to kill the greatest number of feral cats for a cash prize has […]

The Great Goat War of Southern France

A former Parisian moved to the country, fell in love with goats and let them roam free and multiply. Her winemaking neighbors are not enchanted. April 14, 2023 Valérie Corbeaux lives on a rocky hilltop in the dry southwest part of France with her herd of goats. She doesn’t butcher them, or use their milk for […]

On Pets, Moral Logic and Love

By Tish Harrison Warren In January, I fell in love with someone. It was the last thing I’d expect and caught me completely off guard. He has sandy blond hair with flecks of gray and gorgeous, sad eyes. He loves to go on walks and cuddle. His name is Herbie. He is just over eight pounds […]

Scientists Look for Genetic Effects of Radiation in Chernobyl’s Stray Dogs By Emily Anthes March 3, 2023 After the disaster at the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, Ukraine, in 1986, local residents were forced to permanently evacuate, leaving behind their homes and, in some cases, their pets. Concerned that these abandoned animals might spread disease or […]

Domivka Home of Rescued Pets in Ukraine

The first thing you hear after entering the animal sanctuary in Znesinnya Park near the center of Lviv are the dogs. There are scores of them barking and howling, members of a raucous makeshift orchestra sounding out a discordant opera. They are orphans of war, rescued from bombed-out cities or left by refugees who were […]