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Persian Leopard Spotted in Hingol National Park

A Persian leopard was seen after a long time in the complex and difficult mountain range of Nani Mandir near  Hingol National Park around 230km away from Karachi at a three hour drive on Makran Highway in Balochistan. A pilgrim at the temple made a video of the leopard roaming around, with his cell phone. This species […]

80 Leopards Killed in Galiyat

Zubair Ayub/ March 31, 2019 As many as 80 common leopards have been killed. These incidences have been recurring during the last 25 years in areas having corridors connected to Murree, Kashmir, Thandiani and Kaghan Valley. Up to 12 humans mostly women were also killed by leopards in same period beside 32 others who sustained […]

Lion on Shahrahe Faisal in Karachi

Lion wandering down Sharae Faisal on August 29, 2023. In August 2023, the owner of the lion caught roaming on Sharae Faisal got bail from the South district court against a bail bond of Rs 200,000. “I don’t want the lion, court may handover its custody to anyone it deems fit,” Shamsul Haq stated before […]

Lion Recovered from a Residence in Lahore

Punjab wildlife officials have recovered an African lion from the residence of a Tiktoker in Lahore. The lion has been safely relocated to Wildlife Jallo Park under the custody of Punjab Wildlife authorities. The Tiktoker in question, identified as Khurram Gujjar, had shared a video featuring himself and an African lion on social media, prompting […]

Another Leopard Hunted Down in Bara

In Jan 2024, local tribesmen fatally shot a common leopard following reports of the animal attacking a child in the Khyber tribal district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. According to local residents, the incident occurred when an adult common leopard entered Khan Kaleem village in the Shalober area of Bara Tehsil, resulting in an attack on a child […]

Leopard Cubs Rescued

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Wildlife Department has transferred two-month-old cubs, Nilo and Sultan, to Islamabad Islamabad has received two cubs of Common Asian Leopard, rescued from the poachers by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Wildlife from the scenic Jabri town of Haripur District. The leopard mating season starts in February, and as a result, the ratio of leopards […]

Leopards in KP

In Feb 2023, a leopard cat which was trapped by the locals at Barghozi village in Upper Chitral was rescued by wildlife officials and later released in its natural habitat after treatment of minor wounds in the paw. Divisional Forest Officer Wildlife Chitral Rizwanullah received reports about the trapping of the leopard cat which strayed […]

Leopards Apparently Killed Three in Matta in Swat

Believed that leopard entered home in search of chickens Two women and a girl were killed in an attack of a wild animal in Matta, Swat district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa on Thursday. Police said the incident took place in Onra Weeny and no man was at home at the time of the attack. The victims have […]

Leopards in Islamabad’s Margalla Hills

Sprawling over 17,000-hectare land, the biodiversity-rich Margalla Hills National Park has become a thriving habitat for the fading common Asian leopards. The national park is home to over 600 plant species, medicinal herbs, shrubs, around 350 bird species, 300 mammals and 20 different assort of reptiles especially snakes that make it the undiscovered heaven of […]