Lion Recovered from a Residence in Lahore

lion cubs at lahore s safari zoo photo express file

Punjab wildlife officials have recovered an African lion from the residence of a Tiktoker in Lahore. The lion has been safely relocated to Wildlife Jallo Park under the custody of Punjab Wildlife authorities.

The Tiktoker in question, identified as Khurram Gujjar, had shared a video featuring himself and an African lion on social media, prompting law enforcement and wildlife authorities to take action.

Subsequently, a police raid was conducted at the Tiktoker’s residence, leading to the discovery of the lion as well as a weapon.

The recovered African lion has been taken into custody by the Punjab Wildlife department.

Wildlife officials have clarified that if the Tiktoker possesses a valid license to house the lion and can provide proof of legal acquisition, the lion may be returned to him in accordance with the law. However, for the time being, the African lion has been transferred to Wildlife Jallo Park to ensure its safety and well-being.

This incident marks the second instance of law enforcement intervention within a month regarding individuals who feature dangerous wild animals in their videos.

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