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Roving Vets of Mexico

By Emiliano Rodríguez Mega/ Photographs by Victor J. Blue Pedro Parra stood by his horse’s side as the animal dropped to the ground under the weight of anesthesia. Its four hooves flailed for a moment, then ceased, and a team of volunteer veterinarians rushed in. One placed a pillow under the patient’s neck; another tied a rope […]

Donkeys Working in Miserable Conditions in Mines

by Asif Mehmood/ Sept 26, 2022 Working long hours and often in gruesome conditions, mine workers lead a rough life but it pales in comparison to the life that donkeys, who work in coal mines, lead. In Chakwal district of Punjab, which has more than 500 coal mines, thousands of donkeys work alongside daily wage […]

730,000 Cattle Died During the 2022 Floods

The destruction caused by unprecedented floods in Pakistan has triggered global outpouring of compassion as the international community is pledging assistance to mitigate human suffering. Millions of cattle have also perished in the floods, while those that have survived are now facing a severe fodder shortage. The Comprehensive Disaster Response Services (CDRS), a NGO, has […]

Mules and Mannats: A Sukkur Shrine

by Sarfaraz Memon/ July 22, 2013 Considering this pattern, the shrine Makhdoom Pir Syed Rajan Qattaar Jahania, situated 15 kilometres away from Sukkur, is a definite anomaly. In a unique twist, people are required to offer a donkey for requited mannats to appease the entombed saint. When people usually throng to shrines, they pay homage […]

Donkeys’ Numbers Increase by 400,000

The number of donkeys climbed by 400,000 to 5.7 million, preserving Pakistan’s position as the world’s third-largest donkey population, according to Pakistan’s Economic Survey 2020-21. The donkey is the only pack animal whose population has increased by 100,000 each year since 2001/02, while the population of other animals such as camels, horses and mules has […]

As a bill to improve animal welfare remains stuck in the Punjab Law Department, the Punjab province’s donkeys, mules, and horses remain subjected to inhumane treatment with no respite in sight. The Animal Welfare Act, which was meant to improve the outdated Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1890, is still pending with the provincial […]

Donkey Festival in Badin

By Sameer Mandhro The donkeys are given a persona of their own which is often reflected in their unique names, such as Mahduri, Sheela, much to the amusement of visitors. They are also adorned with tassels, ribbons and the like, to look more attractive for buyers.  They came in all shapes and sizes. White ones. […]

Using Donkeys to Remove Garbage

A solution, one that acknowledges ground realities as opposed to taking a top-down approach, was recently proposed by the local chapter of an equine welfare charity. Highlighting the vital role Karachi’s donkeys play in moving the city’s refuse, particularly in underserviced areas, as well as the risks to donkeys and their owners, it proposed not […]