Category: Endangered Animals

Wildlife Combing Operations in the Punjab

In an ongoing crackdown on wildlife trafficking, the Wildlife Combing Operation spearheaded by the Punjab government has seized 3,159 protected animals and birds across the province. Under the supervision of Director General Wildlife & Parks Punjab, Mudassir Riaz Malik, the operation has led to the challaning of 168 accused, who now face fines totaling Rs […]

Illegal Hunting & Catching of Sea Turtles

Unabated poaching of rare sea turtles along Pakistan’s coast is adding to the looming threat to the survival of the already endangered species. Hundreds of small and big aquariums are openly buying and selling baby turtles across the port city, the hub of this illegal trade. Wildlife officials raided an aquarium last week on Burns […]

Gharial’ Crocodiles Discovered in the Sutlej River

The Punjab Wildlife Department has uncovered evidence of the presence of the endangered gharial (gavial) crocodile species in the River Sutlej. A survey team, in June 2023, reported the existence of approximately 10 gharials, including six baby crocodiles, residing in the Ganda Singhwala area of the river. The revelation follows a viral online video featuring […]

Chiltan Ibex Goat Back from Brink of Extinction

Hazarganji-Chiltan National Park is the only place in the world where the Chiltan ibex can be found. Once reduced to just a few hundred, the population of a rare wild goat found in southwestern Pakistan has shown a gradual increase over the past five years despite the persistent threats of climate change and poaching. Located […]

Punjab’s Wildlife Under Threat

Punjab’s wildlife faces an increasing threat of extinction due to the incompetence of authorities. Wildlife surveys have not been conducted for many years, and the results of past surveys are being kept secret. This has resulted in a significant decline in the population of various species, including the Aryal in the Salt Range, which is […]

Endangered Turtles Rescued from a Islamabad Pet Store

The Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) have rescued five endangered turtles of various species being illegally sold at a pets’ shop in Sector F-10 and safely released the reptile into the Indus River in early August 2022. The IWMB officials received a complaint from a citizen who went to the pet shop to buy some […]

Export and Import of Rare Breed Animals

On May 19, 2022, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) banned the import and export of falcons, while seeking a list of rare breed animals. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives temporary permission for import and then they are also exported, the lawyer told the court. By importing old falcons, they export our young falcons, the […]

Black Deer Species Recovered in the Punjab

Specimens of the black deer bred in Fort Abbas by the Punjab Wildlife Department. After birth, they spend one year in pre-release pens where they can acclimate to the natural environment before their release into the wild.  The population of black deer has begun to increase in Pakistan for the first time in 53 years. […]