All Kinds of Animal Fights Are Strictly Forbidden in Islam

253664_10150194374351782_626971781_7257564_3121893_nOut of the numerous such injunctions, one would suffice here: God’s Messenger(s) forbade inciting animals to fight each other. (Narrated by Abdullah bin Abbas. Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi and Abu al-Darda; recorded in Riyad (Ref. No. 28); Hadith No. 1606; p. 271. Also ‘Robson’ (Ref. No. 15), p. 876.)

Like camel-humps, fat-tails of sheep and target-animals (mujaththema), the meat of animals who die as a result of fights is also declared in Islam as unlawful to eat (haram). For example, the Spaniards hold fiestas on special occasions to eat the bull killed by a matador.

Clip_53He who takes pity {even} on a sparrow and spares its life, Allah will be merciful on him on the Day of Judgement. (Narrated by Abu Umama. Transmitted by Al-Tabarani).

And He it is Who sends the winds, as glad tidings heralding His mercy. And We send down pure water from the clouds, that We may give life thereby, by watering the parched earth, and slake the thirst of those We have created – both the animals and the human beings in multitude. (Qur’an 25-48,49).

And do they not see that We meander water to a barren land and sprout forth from it crops, whereof their cattle as well as they themselves eat? Will they take no notice of it? (Qur’an 32:27).

Clip_109We {God} brought forth from it {the earth} its waters and its pastures, and established the mountains firm – as a source of provision for you and for your animals. (Qur’an 79:31-33).

In the same context, Bear Baiting is possibly the world’s most savage blood sport. Teeth and claws removed, bears (often with raw, open wounds) are tied to a post & set-upon by trained fighting dogs. All in the name of entertainment.

Bear Dancing is when bears are forced to “Dance” by Madaris: “Red-hot needles are jabbed through (the bears’) noses & thick ropes are forced through throbbing wounds including in the nose; When the ropes are tugged, the bears lift their legs & ‘Dance’. … They are forced to perform up to 12 hours a day. Bears are ‘Trained’ to dance through a regime of pain & starvation. Many cubs die before the training begins because of the stress of capture, the terrible transportation conditions, starvation, dehydration & rough handing.

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