Four Black Deer Missing from Jallo Park in Lahore

the administration found three black deer in fields photo file

In Jan 2024, the search for four precious and rare black deer, missing from Jallo Wildlife Park in Lahore for the past four days, continues without any breakthrough.

Details emerging from the investigation indicate that on the night of January 11 and 12, seven valuable black deer were stolen from Jallo Wildlife Park.

While the administration claims to have recovered three black deer from fields near the park, the whereabouts of the remaining four deer remain unknown.

Wildlife Lahore Region Deputy Director Tanveer Ahmed Janjua revealed that the netting of the black deer enclosure showed signs of damage, with one section deliberately cut. Upon learning of the incident, Janjua took immediate action and suspended four employees who were on duty when the mysterious disappearance was reported. A show-cause notice has also been issued to Supervisor Sohail Ashraf.

The recovery of three black deer from nearby fields on Monday provided some relief, but concerns persist regarding the missing four.

Janjua confirmed that an FIR for deer theft has been lodged at Batapur police station.

Notably, past incidents of theft or disappearance of valuable wild animals, particularly deer, have been reported in various parks under Punjab Wildlife, including Jallo Park.

Officials caution that if the stolen or missing deer are not located promptly, departmental proceedings will be initiated against officials found guilty of negligence.

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