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Pairing of Animals at Lahore Zoo

Children offering grass to herbivores in Lahore zoo. Government plans to micro-chip all the animals in provincial zoos and wildlife parks for their real-time monitoring.  Breeding of animals is a research driven process in zoos across the globe but it seems that the Lahore zoo has missed the memo on the need for research before […]

3 Lion Cubs Abandoned by Lioness at Lahore Zoo

It has become more or less a common phenomena at the zoo that lionesses after giving birth abandon their cubs. An African lioness who gave birth to three cubs at the Lahore Zoo on May 18, has abandoned the newborns, who are being reared by the zoo staff and vets and are said to be […]

Did the Tiger Cubs at the Lahore Zoo Die of Corona?

Two 11-week-old white tiger cubs that died in the Lahore zoo appear to have died of COVID-19, officials said. The cubs died on Jan. 30, four days after beginning treatment for what officials thought was feline panleukopenia virus, a disease that zoo officials said is common in Pakistan and targets cats’ immune system. But an […]

Lahore Zoo & Animal Care

“There has been no animal which has died due to provision of substandard food within our care,” said park director Following court’s notice of the feeble state of animals kept at the Islamabad Zoo, all Punjab zoos have initiated efforts to improve living conditions of animals housed within their premises. Special care is now being […]

How Lahore Zoo’s oldest bird came alive

Embalmed and breathless, the cassowary is now ready to greet park-goers once again Dubbed as the dinosaurs of the bird world, cassowaries are a species native to Northern Australia, New Guinea, and surrounding islands. Weighing in at close to 150 pounds and stretching to almost six feet at full height, the exotic bird is known […]

Lahore Safari Park Welcomes New Borns

Newborns increase population of rare animals at zoo Animals at the Lahore Safari Park delivered good news by adding a variety of newborns to the zoo’s population. During the Covid-19 shutdown, officials at the Lahore Safari welcomed 13 newborn mouflon sheep, three blackbucks, and a baby zebra.  This is the second time a zebra has […]

Cassowary Stuck in Lahore Zoo for 57 Lonely Years and Counting

Brought to Pakistan in 1971, Lahore Zoo’s only cassowary has spent a life without a female partner Talk about the Lahore Zoo and the most common animals that come to mind are big cats, giraffes, and deer. Little attention, however, is paid to the cassowary dwelling therein – one of the most exotic residents of […]

Importing Zoo Animals: Punjab Wildlife Department Unable to Secure Permit

The Punjab Wildlife Department has not yet been able to secure a permit from CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) which could cause a delay in importing animals for Lahore Zoo, stated director Hassan Sukhera in April 2018. Previously, the department had decided to allocate Rs 13 […]

Lahore Safari Zoo

As many as 600,000 people visit the Lahore Safari Zoo to witness its popular lion safari. The distinguishing feature of the attraction rests with its 35 subspecies of African lions. The safari located on main Raiwand road has 35 lions of African descent brought in 1982 whereas Royal Bengal Tiger, cheetah and puma have also […]

The Elderly Eviscerator of Lahore Zoo

By Asif Mehmood/ July 25, 2019 Barely any visitors to Lahore Zoo know that one of the oldest animals at the zoo is also one of the most dangerous. It’s not a big cat. It is not a bear or a hippopotamus, a snake or a crocodile. Rather, it is a bird. And one that […]