Jallo Park in Lahore Attracts Crowd

After the temporary closure of Lahore Zoo and Safari Park due to ongoing upgradation projects in late 2023, Jallo Park experienced a surge in visitors. The newly established lion safari at Jallo Forest and Wildlife Park, a first of its kind, offers a unique experience for wildlife enthusiasts.

Additionally, the introduction of a zip line and a dedicated bike off-track adds to the recreational options for park visitors.

The Punjab government’s three-month upgrade initiative has resulted in the relocation of several key animals, notably lions and tigers, from Lahore Zoo and Safari Park to Jallo Wildlife Park. Consequently, there has been an increased influx of tourists seeking leisure activities at Jallo Park.

Over the weekend, a large number of citizens, particularly children and women, enjoy various activities such as boating, horseback riding, and exploring the wildlife. The newly introduced features, including zip lining and a bike off-track, added an element of thrill for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Jallo Forest and Wildlife Park, previously dormant for many years, has been revamped and is now open to tourists. The Wildlife Museum, featuring models of African lions, birds, tigers, ducks, bears, and deer, has become a popular attraction.

Visitors enjoy the availability of camel, horse, and pony rides, along with the exciting prospect of encountering lions and tigers. Older visitors share their childhood memories of the park, noting the remarkable transformation and praising the Wildlife Museum for its educational value.

Spread over 460 acres in the east of Lahore, the wildlife park is a collaborative effort, with different sections managed by the Forest Department, PHA (Parks and Horticulture Authority), and the Punjab Wildlife Department.

The park now features a newly established lion safari, attracting attention from citizens.

Rana Naeem, the contract holder at Jallo Park, revealed plans for a state-of-the-art snake house and ghost bungalow, funded through private-sector support.

The snake house will feature unique snake species, while the ghost bungalow aims to provide a traditional yet thrilling experience.

Deputy Director of Wildlife Lahore Region, Tanveer Ahmed Janjua, shared that the development includes the construction of a zip line and a bike off-track, providing additional attractions. Plans for a food court, modern swings, and upgraded facilities are also in progress. He acknowledged citizen concerns regarding inadequate facilities, assuring that ongoing projects, funded through renewed approvals, will address these issues. “As Jallo Park evolves into a comprehensive recreational destination, it promises to offer an enriched experience for visitors of Lahore and its neighboring areas,” he said.

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