Tag: Cruelty to Animals in Pakistan

Lion Recovered from a Residence in Lahore

Punjab wildlife officials have recovered an African lion from the residence of a Tiktoker in Lahore. The lion has been safely relocated to Wildlife Jallo Park under the custody of Punjab Wildlife authorities. The Tiktoker in question, identified as Khurram Gujjar, had shared a video featuring himself and an African lion on social media, prompting […]

Bear Finally Caught from Bhatta Chowk in Rawalpindi

After a three-day-long search and rescue operation for the bear that had wandered off into a human settlement near Bhaata Chowk, Rawalpindi in Sept 2023, rescuers managed to trace out the furry creature. Initially, the bear was spotted by a security guard who captured a video of the bear on his mobile phone, and locals […]

Illegal Fishing Imperils Aqua Life

(Left) Tarbela Dam presents a mesmerising look on a sunny day; (right) a man shows off his massive fish haul. Fishermen continue to use illegal fishing techniques, including employing dangerous explosives to catch fish in Tarbela Lake, endangering precious aquatic life besides pushing rare fish species to the brink of extinction. This not only raises […]

Another Leopard Hunted Down in Bara

In Jan 2024, local tribesmen fatally shot a common leopard following reports of the animal attacking a child in the Khyber tribal district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. According to local residents, the incident occurred when an adult common leopard entered Khan Kaleem village in the Shalober area of Bara Tehsil, resulting in an attack on a child […]

Hunters & Poachers Arrested in Rawalpindi

The Punjab Wildlife Protection Department issued 1,242 challans against illegal poachers in Rawalpindi district in 2023. The department captured and released 10,000 wild birds and 40 wild animals and issued Rs14.202 million fine to illegal hunters in 2023. A Rawalpindi court also imposed Rs 37,000 fine on illegal poachers. The department issued 5,507 challans and […]

Shelter Homes (Kanji Houses) in the Punjab

Introduced during the British era, Kanji Houses were set up across various areas in Punjab for catching and sheltering stray animals roaming in Lahore. However in recent times some shelter houses have been transformed into government offices or rest houses, while many others are under the control of land occupation mafias, resulting in a scenario […]

Monkeys Rescued From Shrine in Purwa, KP

The district administration, in collaboration with the Wildlife Department, conducted a raid on a shrine in Purwa Tehsil of Dera Ismail Khan district, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, where several monkeys were found locked up. The Commissioner was alerted about the distressing situation of monkeys donated by devotees to the shrine in Purwa. “The Commissioner was informed about the […]