Tag: Bears in Pakistan

Bear Finally Caught from Bhatta Chowk in Rawalpindi

After a three-day-long search and rescue operation for the bear that had wandered off into a human settlement near Bhaata Chowk, Rawalpindi in Sept 2023, rescuers managed to trace out the furry creature. Initially, the bear was spotted by a security guard who captured a video of the bear on his mobile phone, and locals […]

Poachers behind killing of Female Bear in Battagram

In May 2022, the KP Wildlife Department has found some contradicting evidences during inquiry in the killing of a bear in retaliation over ‘attack on humans’ at village Kohani of Battagram district. A female bear was killed by residents of Kohani village in Battagram on May 11 in retaliation for the attack on a local […]

The Black Bear in Sheikhupura Could Have Been Saved

A black bear succumbed to its wounds owing to the negligence of wildlife officials. It was attacked and wounded by hunting dogs in Sheikhupura. According to Syed Naeem Abbas, a local witness, the incident took place on Dec 24 near Eserke village in Sheikhupura where hunters from various cities had arrived to hunt wild boars […]

A Wild Bear Spotted in Chitta Batta Bugermung

A wildbear has been spotted in Chitta Batta Bugermung in Mansehra District in KP Province in late Dec 2018. The bear probably has come down in the populated areas due to cold weather in the mountains and in search of food. It is important that he should be rescued as quickly as possible before the […]

Another Bear Death in the Islamabad Zoo

In July 2018, a bear at Marghazar Zoo has also died, adding to the increasing number of animals dying in the Islamabad and other zoos of Pakistan. The bear was being kept alone and in a small enclosure, with zoo officials saying he may have died due to neglect and living in a confined space. […]