Poachers behind killing of Female Bear in Battagram

In May 2022, the KP Wildlife Department has found some contradicting evidences during inquiry in the killing of a bear in retaliation over ‘attack on humans’ at village Kohani of Battagram district.

A female bear was killed by residents of Kohani village in Battagram on May 11 in retaliation for the attack on a local identified.

On receiving reports about the incident, wildlife department dispatched its team for investigation of the incident and for fulfilling the requirements for payment of compensation to the victim of beast attack.

However, evidences like removal of body parts of the bear including internal organs created doubt of poaching.

“During investigation, the body of bear was found in parts with clear signs of cuts for removal of internal organs,” shares Taimoor Ali Shah, DFO Manshera who is holding inquiry into the incident. The injured Bilal was also not available in his native area or nearby hospital. The relatives are saying he is shifted to Abbotabad and then to Peshawar due to his serious wounds, but are not sharing any medical reports of his injuries. The picture of Bilal in injured condition suggests that the wounds on his body were because of falling from cliff and not due to attack by bear.

The DFO said the dead bear is female and might also have cubs along with her for which the animal was killed, but this all depends on conclusion of investigation which is in progress.

Meanwhile, DFO Battagram, Niaz Muhammad Khan Niazi when contacted said eight villagers have been booked in the case.

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