Rescued Black Bear From Gujar Khan in Rehab Center Now

An old black bear cub rescued recently from Gujar Khan is showing improvement in health and is adjusting to new life in a rehabilitation center in the Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP).

The Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) stated that a 2-year-old Black Bear cub named Barfi was rescued from the streets of Gujar Khan by the local authorities. Her front teeth had been broken by the captor to turn her into a dancing bear for financial gains.

The newest rescued black bear in the Center is slowly adjusting to a new life as she still stands without stress. Her nose is healing as the officials have removed her nose ring.

The wildlife laws completely prohibit the use of wild animals for commercial purposes or keeping them without getting No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the government.

The sale of birds is also not allowed to promote a healthy ecosystem in the country.

As far as her food is concerned her appetite is improving but she eats slowly due to broken teeth. Her teeth have been broken so she cannot survive in the wild for quite some time.

Barfi is a gentle baby bear and she would be introduced to Ladoo, another rescued black bear cub in the Center. The officials are trying their best to give rescued black bears a good quality of life with enrichment in their enclosures and a good diet also including rotis and fruits.

There are trained keepers and part-time veterinary doctors that monitor the health of all rescued bears round the clock.

Another Bear Cub Rescued & Shifted to the Center

In October 2022, another 2-year-old black bear cub has been rescued from Gujranwala and shifted to the temporary shelter. According to the details, a black baby bear named Cuckoo was rescued with the help of the Punjab Wildlife Department on a tip-off by an animal lover.

When the wildlife department was informed about this baby bear, it immediately responded and constituted a team that rescued it from Gujranwala. Later, Cuckoo was shifted to Islamabad for his medical treatment and rehabilitation.

The officials removed his painful nose ring and tight collar and provided medical treatment to the bear. He is currently free from pain and relaxing at his new home in the natural environment.

The baby bear will stay in the Center until he fully recovers and gets prepared to go to the jungle. He will be sent to his natural habitat, but will not be left there as the officials will keep monitoring him for some time to ensure that he can survive in the open forest.

The Punjab government had recommended a ban on the private possession of bears and monkeys but still bear baiting and dancing is considered a popular sport. In the fight, the bear is tied by the nose and its nails are cut. It is made to fight at least three dogs that attack its nose during the round.

There is only one established Bear Sanctuary in the Balkasar area but it often refuses to adopt rescued bears due to the absence of space and limited financial resources. The Balkasar Bear Sanctuary is in the Salt Range in Punjab province and at a lower altitude with warmer weather conditions.

The newly rescued baby bear will first stay alone after which he will be introduced to other bears that are already going through the rehabilitation process in the centre.

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