Category: Birds in Pakistan

Data Collection of Birds & Animals in the Punjab

The Department of Forests and Wildlife Preservation has devised a project for the breeding and conservation of wild birds, water birds and wild animals, their data collection and mapping through remote sensing and geographic information system (GIS) in all the government and private forests as well as the national parks. It will be implemented under […]

India’s Distinctive Birdhouses

For seven years, a photographer based in Delhi has collected images of ornamental structures known as chabutras. Here are some of his favorites. Photographs and Text by Nipun Prabhakar Nipun Prabhakar here shares a collection of images from the Kutch district of Gujarat, a state in western India. Some years ago, while exploring Bhuj, a small […]

Wild Pigeons’ Reliance on Humans for Food is Detrimental

Hundreds of birds perch at various places in Lahore eagerly awaiting their daily feed instead of hunting Experts consider it as harmful for the ecosystem and also detrimental to human health when pigeons who have found abode at Lahore’s shrines, await their daily feed courtesy of the shrines’ visitors. It is a common sight in […]

Cheer pheasant Successfully Reintroduced in the Wild

Effective measures taken against hunting and poaching have borne fruits in the rehabilitation of cheer pheasant by bringing the rare bird back to the wilderness from the state of being extinct locally. Staffers of Wildlife Manshera division have recently sighted few birds at forests of Kanshian area of Balakot Tehsil in close proximity of Kashmir […]

7 Tips for Watching Birds

Here are some principles you can apply to any form of nature study. By David Sibley/ Mr. Sibley, a birder and artist, is author of “What It’s Like to Be a Bird,” from which this is adapted. May 8, 2020 We find comfort in nature. The psychological benefits are well documented: Spending time with grass […]