Registration of Captive Birds by the Islamabad Wildlife Board

The Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) has started the registration of all captive animals and birds in Islamabad Capital Territory to safeguard animals and birds in the wild. The aim is to ensure that no wildlife species caught are available for sale or possession either online or in the pet shops.

IWMB Spokesman Umar Bilal said that the registration process will start with the registration of parrots (parakeets).

“All parrot species endemic to Pakistan or migratory will be registered and provided with identity leg rings by IWMB. Registration and leg ring placement of adult birds will be free till Dec 2023, followed by registration on payment till Feb 2024,” he said.,

Bilal said that after March 1, 2024, all adult birds without registration would be confiscated and owners would be fined Rs 25,000. However, the Parrot chicks will have a closed leg ring placed after the current breeding season.

Any parrot Breeders dealing with wild-caught birds after the cutoff date will face a fine of Rs 25,000 per bird.

Registration is free until Dec 31, 2023. From Jan 1, 2024 to Feb 29, 2024, owners can obtain rings by paying a registration fee of Rs 5,000, and an annual license renewal fee as follows: Rs 5,000 (up to 10 birds), Rs15,000 (up to 40 birds), Rs 25,000 (up to 100 birds), and Rs 50,000 (above 100 birds). This proactive step by the Board aims to safeguard wild parrots and ensure their well-being while facilitating responsible ownership within the community.

For further information or registration inquiries, please contact the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board. Assistant Director: Sakhawat Ali Cell: 0307-7494112.

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