41 Parrots Worth Rs 2 Million Stolen in Karachi

although parrots are now becoming rare bird lovers breed them to save the specie from extinction photo express

Although parrots are now becoming rare, bird lovers breed them to save the specie from extinction.

Approximately 41 valuable parrots, with an estimated worth exceeding Rs 2 million, were stolen from the residence of a retired Deputy Inspector General (DIG). Upon receiving the information, the police promptly arrived at the scene to initiate an investigation and gather evidence. It is also investigating how the former DIG could afford to have such valuable birds with his meager income.

The theft occurred at the house of Raja Mumtaz, a retired DIG of Prisons, situated in Gulshane Maymar, Sector V2. The police called in a crime scene unit to collect evidence from the location.

Mumtaz had turned his hobby of keeping exotic birds into a lucrative business. However, a pet thief has left him with empty nest.

The ex-top cop of the prisons, responsible for keeping criminals behind bars, had put dozens of parrots in cages on his roof top. According to the SHO, the former DIG informed the police that the parrots were secure in their cages till 2:30 am. The theft occurred between 3am and 6am. He estimated the stolen parrots’ value to be more than Rs 2 million.

Initial investigations indicate that the culprit gained access to the roof by scaling the wall of an adjacent house at the rear of DIG’s residence. It appears that a single individual was involved in the late-night heist.

While there were no CCTV cameras on the retired DIG’s roof, neighbouring houses had surveillance cameras. Authorities are in the process of obtaining CCTV footage from these adjacent properties, with the hope of identifying the thief responsible for the parrot theft.

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