Tag: Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1890

Police Animal Rescue Center

Citizens killing or abusing animals, as well as those failing to take proper care of their pets will get notices from the country’s first Police Animal Rescue Centre (PARC). Punjab Police has finalized a contract with a NGO dedicated to animal welfare to help with the operationalization of the rescue center and fieldwork. The provincial […]

Seasonal Hunting Hurting Migratory Birds

Migratory birds from Siberia and other extremely cold regions in the north spend winters in the mild climate of Sindh. The contentious practice of legal hunting serves the dual interests of both the government, which earns substantial revenue through the issuance of licenses and the hunters, who get to pursue their seasonal hobby; however for […]

Monkeys Rescued From Shrine in Purwa, KP

The district administration, in collaboration with the Wildlife Department, conducted a raid on a shrine in Purwa Tehsil of Dera Ismail Khan district, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, where several monkeys were found locked up. The Commissioner was alerted about the distressing situation of monkeys donated by devotees to the shrine in Purwa. “The Commissioner was informed about the […]

Legally Protecting Animals

by Hira Jaleel December 10 marks International Animal Rights Day, an occasion aimed at creating awareness around the plight of animals. There can be little debate about the fact that animals suffer immensely at human hands. Animals are skinned for their furs, hunted for sport, and locked up in cages for the viewing pleasure of […]

Donkeys Working in Miserable Conditions in Mines

by Asif Mehmood/ Sept 26, 2022 Working long hours and often in gruesome conditions, mine workers lead a rough life but it pales in comparison to the life that donkeys, who work in coal mines, lead. In Chakwal district of Punjab, which has more than 500 coal mines, thousands of donkeys work alongside daily wage […]

Tollinton Market Lahore: Hell for Animals

by Qalander Memon Recently, Foxie got out of the house and disappeared. Learning of Foxie’s disappearance I was alarmed. He was a white, blue-eyed Persian cat and, therefore, a commodity for most. I volunteered to check at Tollinton Market, Lahore, where stolen and abandoned animals are sold. I went there every day for the next […]

A Deer Graveyard in Tharparkar

by Satram Sangi The people of Thar have dedicated a graveyard for the rare chinkara deer. They have buried seven deer that had been hunted and slaughtered recently by five hunters in Rangilo, a village a few kilometres off Chelhar, a town near the Pak-India border. The locals also prayed for the protection of the […]

How Heat Affects the Animals in the Zoos?

Zoo workers give a bath to the elephants at the Karachi Zoo on an extremely hot afternoon in May 2022. A heatwave emergency has been declared in the Ayub National Park zoo because of the unusual rise in temperature in Rawalpindi to save animals from heatstroke and dehydration. Water ponds have been established in cages […]