Police Animal Rescue Center

Citizens killing or abusing animals, as well as those failing to take proper care of their pets will get notices from the country’s first Police Animal Rescue Centre (PARC).

Punjab Police has finalized a contract with a NGO dedicated to animal welfare to help with the operationalization of the rescue center and fieldwork. The provincial wildlife department will take action concerning wild animals.

The police recently decided to establish the center for the protection, rescue and treatment of sick or injured animals, and the prosecution of abusers. Punjab Police IG Usman Anwar, and the NGO, JFK, signed an agreement to establish the center for the welfare of domestic and wild animals.

It will receive complaints animals hurt, subjected to abuse, kept in cramped conditions or excessively burdened.

JFK chief Zofshan Anoushay said that the center would be inaugurated soon. It will pursue legal action against offenders who injure animals and would also provide citizens the opportunity to intern and volunteer.

She claimed that animal-related complaints and cases weren’t handled seriously at police stations, so people used to refrain from taking legal action against those who mistreated animals.

The PARC will have the authority to give warnings and initiate legal action against anyone who hurts, tortures or ill-treats any animal. Animals who suffer injuries will be rescued as soon as possible by the center.

In an emergency, government officials and the PARC will be able to conduct raids and search locations.

Anoushay added that the center would educate the public on the importance of reporting abuse of pets and wild animals rather than killing them. Pet adoption campaigns will be open to the general public. Citizens can report any animal injury or abuse in a zoo, circus or sports at any place.

Punishment will also be handed down to people who use injured animals for transporting goods.

Staff from the center will also inspect the meat markets to make sure that no sick, malnourished or prohibited animals are sold. The Tollinton and cattle markets will also be monitored.

ASP Syeda Sheher Bano said the PARC will register volunteers in Lahore and provide internship opportunities for students. If volunteers or citizens spot an animal in danger in their neighborhood or learn that animals are being mistreated in a house, they should contact the center.

The police station concerned will get orders to investigate the situation and take appropriate action. Action will also be taken against people for running over dogs or other animals on the roads.

She said the district administration has the legal authority to take action regarding stray, domestic and wild animals in addition to making amendments to the rules. Punjab Wildlife Department will be involved in any cases involving wild animals.

She stated that if animals are kept in unsanitary conditions in the animal and poultry markets, the PARC would notify the shopkeeper or owner to improve the conditions, diet and care. If the person doesn’t make the necessary changes within three days, legal action will be pursued.

The Punjab Food Authority (PFA), solid waste management authorities, livestock department, Rescue 1122, Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, traffic and motorway police, health department and the WHO will all lend their support to the center.

Punjab currently has the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) with the power to take legal action against anyone who abuses strays animals and pets violently and cruelly. The SPCA, however, imposes low fines and lacks sufficient staff.

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