Tag: Fish in Pakistan

Trout Fish Rescued in Kunhar River

Devastating disease claims the lives of countless Trout fish in Kaghan Valley. In a remarkable conservation effort, officials from the Kaghan Development Authority (KDA) in Oct 2023 successfully rescued thousands of trout fish that were stranded in the shallow waters of the Kunhar River. According to officials, a significant school of rare trout fish found […]

Pakistan is Only Getting Dead Bryde Whales

In a remote area between Pasni and Shomal coastal belts known as Raini Hor, a bryde’s whale, scientifically identified as Balaenoptera brydei, found itself trapped, raising alarms about the conservation of this species on Nov 10, 2023. In a remote area between Pasni and Shomal coastal belts, specifically in Raini Hor, Balochistan, a bryde’s whale, […]

Where is our Fish Going?

As the wheels of industrialisation and urbanisation turn, the price paid by our environment becomes increasingly evident. One of the most profound effects is the alarming disappearance of natural water bodies and the subsequent threat posed to numerous aquatic species. In particular, the extinction crisis facing indigenous river fish in Pakistan is both disheartening and […]

Shark Population is Declining in Pakistan

In the world and Pakistan, the shark and ray population has registered an alarming decline over the past 50 years. Globally, shark population has fallen by 71%, while in Pakistan, in the same period the percentage of decline in shark landings is as high as 85%; and during this time, ray landings have dropped by […]