Trout Fish Rescued in Kunhar River

devastating disease claims the lives of countless trout fish in kaghan valley photo express

Devastating disease claims the lives of countless Trout fish in Kaghan Valley.

In a remarkable conservation effort, officials from the Kaghan Development Authority (KDA) in Oct 2023 successfully rescued thousands of trout fish that were stranded in the shallow waters of the Kunhar River. According to officials, a significant school of rare trout fish found themselves stuck in the Kunhar River due to receding water as they endeavored to swim upstream. The low water levels posed a formidable challenge for their journey. It was at this critical juncture that the KDA received an urgent alert about the stranded fish from a conservation watcher.

Responding to the situation, KDA Director-General Tariq Khan issued directives to mobilise the technical staff of the civic body and heavy machinery was deployed along the river’s edge to remove the obstructions hindering the flow of water.

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