Tag: Environment & Animals in Pakistan

Persian Leopard Spotted in Hingol National Park

A Persian leopard was seen after a long time in the complex and difficult mountain range of Nani Mandir near  Hingol National Park around 230km away from Karachi at a three hour drive on Makran Highway in Balochistan. A pilgrim at the temple made a video of the leopard roaming around, with his cell phone. This species […]

Ayubia National Park Faces Growing Human-Wildlife Conflict

Muhammad Bilal Baseer Abbasi Ayubia National Park, once a sanctuary for Pakistan’s rich biodiversity and breathtaking landscapes, now faces an imminent threat, as indigenous flora and fauna are battling a grim fate. Established in 1984, Ayubia National Park sprawls across 3,300 hectares in the scenic Galiyat region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, its purpose being to safeguard […]

80 Leopards Killed in Galiyat

Zubair Ayub/ March 31, 2019 As many as 80 common leopards have been killed. These incidences have been recurring during the last 25 years in areas having corridors connected to Murree, Kashmir, Thandiani and Kaghan Valley. Up to 12 humans mostly women were also killed by leopards in same period beside 32 others who sustained […]

Illegal Hunting & Catching of Sea Turtles

Unabated poaching of rare sea turtles along Pakistan’s coast is adding to the looming threat to the survival of the already endangered species. Hundreds of small and big aquariums are openly buying and selling baby turtles across the port city, the hub of this illegal trade. Wildlife officials raided an aquarium last week on Burns […]

Seasonal Hunting Hurting Migratory Birds

Migratory birds from Siberia and other extremely cold regions in the north spend winters in the mild climate of Sindh. The contentious practice of legal hunting serves the dual interests of both the government, which earns substantial revenue through the issuance of licenses and the hunters, who get to pursue their seasonal hobby; however for […]

Where is our Fish Going?

As the wheels of industrialisation and urbanisation turn, the price paid by our environment becomes increasingly evident. One of the most profound effects is the alarming disappearance of natural water bodies and the subsequent threat posed to numerous aquatic species. In particular, the extinction crisis facing indigenous river fish in Pakistan is both disheartening and […]

Islamabad Wildlife Board Announces Fees for Margalla Events

The Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) amid a paucity of funds has decided to generate revenue by charging fees to individuals and institutions for holding activities in the Margalla Hills National Park protected area. IWMB Chairperson Rina Saeed Khan made the announcement at the launching ceremony of the new and updated website of the Board […]

Birds Near the Airports Affect the Flights

PIA suffered loss of millions of rupees due to bird strikes—with 29 bird hits reported in from Jan to May 2023 at domestic airports alone. Ten bird strikes were reported in May alone. Most of the incidents happened at Karachi and Lahore airports. Due to these strikes, seven planes were damaged. These incidents were reported […]