Category: How to Help Animals?

Rabies Can be Controlled by Vaccinating the Dogs

Sometimes the interests of humans and animals are the same, but humans have to save the animals first. In Goa, about 40 percent of free-roaming dogs are too skittish to be easily handled. A Mission Rabies team, trailed by reporter James Gorman, in blue hat, using nets to catch and vaccinate them against the virus. […]

Bengal’s fishing cat

A Tiger Without Enemies Bengal’s fishing cat and its habitat in the wetlands are endangered. Activists sing of their symbiotic beauty. by Dola Mitra Hooghly district, West Bengal. Eve­n­ing is descending over a large marshy lake that stretches from the edge of a cluster of villages for a few square kilometres to the opposite bank, […]

Istanbul Vets Make Stray Animals Feel at Home

ISTANBUL: The Vetbus, a mobile clinic service for animals. Concerned for the health of a black cat roaming around the university campus where she works, Mevlude dropped off the feline at the veterinary clinic for street animals run by the Istanbul municipality. Visitors to the Turkish city, who admire its centuries-old mosques and Ottoman palaces, […]

The Karachi Zoo Keepers

Kannu Piraditta lovingly scratches the back of Raja – the lion – through the metal bars of his cage at the Karachi Zoo. The king of the jungle playfully rubs his back against the bars, before bowing his head to let Piraditta scratch behind the ears. “I look after the most ferocious animals at zoo,” […]