Actress Ayeza Khan Asks All to Share Food with Stray Animals

Television’s actress Ayeza Khan took to Instagram to bring light to the plight of animals during this time when many of us are afraid of venturing out of our houses and paying attention to them.

“I know all of us have our freezers and kitchens over loaded with food right now because no matter what, we’re going to get hungry, and food is the only entertainment we have these days,” she started off.

Ayeza then went on to say how animals on the streets are probably hungry just like us too, adding, “Please feed the street dogs, cats, pigeons and and which ever animal you see around you. They’re also worried and alone.”

They don’t know what’s going on but Allah listens to their prayers too. Please take care of everybody around you,” she urged.

Ayeza has been quite active on her social media during the indefinite lockdown in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, spreading messages of safety and togetherness.


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