You Cannot Be Good to Fellow Animals Unless You Respect the Lives of Animals

IMG_0475Animals are the greatest gift and asset to mankind, as they never cheat or hurt us, and never give up on us. Whether it chirps or meows, brays or barks you know for a fact, every sound drips with adoration.

We have a lot to learn from them. They have a system that they all follow without any going astray. There are leaders, mutually agreed upon, chosen based on the ability and strength to protect.

The weakest are killed in order to not weigh down the rest, but never killed for spiteful reasons, never killed because they are not “liked” and never killed because someone told them to.

If you cannot even respect the life of an innocent animal that never once harmed you, how do you expect to be good to fellow humans?

Picture 003We should learn to show mercy to stray animals on the street, be it dogs or cats, donkeys or horses. If you cannot or will not help them, at least do not torture them, imagine how scared they are, imagine them as innocent little children running around with no place to go.

Spare them, it will be a start: you might think they are “just” animals, but try to find compassion within yourself, to let these animals have the right to live.

We are all mere passengers on this earth, and the animals roamed this planet long before human beings set foot, so technically, they are the rightful caretakers of this world, living in an orderly manner. They stick to their kind, they hunt only for food (not pleasure) and keep to their own territories (which is more then what we can say for the so-called social animal that is Man).

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