Wildlife Being Rescued in the Punjab

Punjab wildlife authorities have conducted an operation resulting in the recovery of a significant number of wild animals and birds in April 2024.

Eight black bears have been rescued from various areas across Punjab as part of this initiative, with plans underway to launch a digital survey of wildlife in the province.

Led by Punjab Wildlife Director General Mudassar Riaz Malik, the Wildlife Special Squad executed the operation, rescuing numerous protected wild animals and birds.

Additionally, heavy fines have been imposed on individuals found violating the Wildlife Act.

Among the rescued animals and birds are two rare cranes, eight chukar partridges, seven black partridges, nine brown partridges, five quails, 10 houbara bustards, two monkeys, and dozens of parrots and their chicks from various species.

DG Mudassar Riaz expressed concern over the illegal sale and purchase of wild animals, particularly in the Tolanton market, citing longstanding complaints regarding the issue.

Previously, eight black bears were seized from different parts of Punjab who are being kept in Islamabad. Once treated, the bears will be released into their natural and safe habitat.

Senior Provincial Minister Maryam Aurangzeb emphasised that only licensed vendors would be permitted to trade animals and birds. The Punjab government is also planning to establish a digital system for buying and selling animals and birds, ensuring compliance with legal regulations.

Furthermore, Aurangzeb highlighted the initiation of efforts to establish a wildlife rescue force and announced plans for a comprehensive wildlife survey in Punjab. This survey aims to compile digital data on all types of wildlife in the province.

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