What Can Be Done to Stop Cruelty to Dancing Bears?

  • DancingRun awareness programs to educate the public about bear rights.
  • Initiate education and awareness projects for school children.
  • Create awareness amongst the public and the tourists not to encourage bear dancing and watch such shows.
  • Ask the law enforcement officials to prevent cubs being poached, and prevent the capture of cubs by training forest guards in effective enforcement techniques.
  • Plant a microchip in each bear to prevent new ones from entering the existing dancing bear population.
  • Build proper national parks where suitable lifetime care is provided for confiscated bears.
  • Rehabilitate and release rescued cubs back into the wild wherever possible.
  • Help the bear owners to find new, cruelty-free ways to earn a living, which would help benefit the next generation.
  • Drastically modify if not totally re-enact the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1890, and enhance the penalties given under the law.

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