Waiting for His Dead Friend to Return

In Italy, a heartbroken dog whose owner died two months ago has been going to the church where the funeral ceremony took place all this time.

The owner of a German shepherd named Tommy was 57-year-old Maria Margarita Loci.

After Maria found the little dog in the field, he became her best friend for the next 7 years. Due to the fact that the woman did not have close friends, she asked the priest for permission to go to church with Tommy.

After the death of his mistress, the dog immediately runs to the church as soon as he hears the bells announcing the beginning of the service. According to witnesses, the dog is still waiting for Mary to return from the church with him.

“He still comes to Mass even after Mary’s funeral. He patiently waits next to the altar and just sits there quietly. None of the parishioners ever complained about the presence of Tommy,” said priest Donato Panna.

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