Vaccinating the Stray Dogs

In May 2014, WAP  (World Animal Protection), formerly known as WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) visited Bali and Flores to spend time on patrol with some of  Indonesia’s top dog-vaccinating teams. These elite teams, are trained by the FAO in Bali, to capture and vaccinate dogs quickly, effectively and painlessly.

Rabies has been a long-term problem in Indonesia and in the past attempting to control it by cruelly culling dogs failed miserably.

The team has now been able to implement its humane vaccination program in Flores which is making the world of difference to animals and people alike.

We joined them at dusk, prime-time for capturing street dogs, and witnessed them swing into action. Whizzing around on scooters with their big nets, they are super-fast, nimble, coordinated and above all highly-skilled in catching dogs.

_47731063_dog_bodyAt first the dogs yelp and bark, but through the soothing words of the team and the swaddling of the net, they calm the dogs down while trained team members quickly and painlessly vaccinate them.

They then fasten a distinctive collar around the dog’s neck which signifies that they have been vaccinated and are helped protected from a cruel death.

More curious dogs come out of the shadows, barking to their friends, making sure they are okay. And before long, they too are getting their lifesaving vaccinations. Protecting them, and the people who share their neighbourhood.

Veterinarian Dibya told us: “People have become more aware of the vaccination teams. They are happy to see more dogs being vaccinated, they know it’s good for dogs and good for people.”

Seeing the people with their dogs, the children playing with them and older people enjoying their companionship, it’s easy to see that this great work helps protect dogs and the people who look after them is worthwhile.

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  1. I want to know are you people helping animals in Jamshoro Sindh Pakistan,it is the city adjacent to Hyderabad,I need some help with a stray dog in my university campus,it is in a very bad condition :/ his skin and hair have ripped off,he has become really very skinny,his bones are showing and he has some problem with his penis which I don’t know if it has a tumor or what but it has enlarged by itself and always remains so,the dog is in very bad condition,either it should be given proper treatment or be euthanised he is suffering badly 🙁 I can’t see him like this please help.. The university is University of Sindh Jamshoro.

  2. Unfortunately we are not working in Jamshoro at the moment. However, I know how you feel. You should help the dog. I would suggest you first talk to a veterinarian doctor and discuss how you can catch the dog. Once you are able to do so, take him to the doctor and get him treated. If possible, keep him and he will turn out to be your best friend in this world. Tell me how it goes and sorry that I cannot help you more with this.

    Anees J

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