Until One Has Loved an Animal, a Part of One’s Soul Remains Unawakened

Clip_257Ours is a materialistic world. It is seldom if ever people are nice to you unless they have an axe to grind. This is of course not to say that there are no Mother Theresas in this world but they are few. It is one of the reasons I love children and animals because they love you selflessly.

A French novelist, Anatole France said that “until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” This is so true and you can see this in real life whenever you meet any pet owner and see her or him getting perked up whenever you bring up the subject of their pets. They will smile, get excited and probably tell you at least one funny story about their pets. Some can in fact talk about their pets for hours if not the whole day.

Some may look at it from another angle. They may say that a certain type of personalities love animals and keep pets and they are like this in any case.

The question however is whether animals make us happy. I think they do. And the reason is simply because you notice that all children love animals and get excited when they see one and most like to even touch them. And what to talk of children, most of the adults also get fascinated by them.

It is for this reason that advocates of alternative medicine support taking of animals to hospitals and other centers to work their magic on people who are ill. A Japanese study showed that pet owners have fewer doctor visits and an Australian study showed pet owners have lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Even simply watching fish in a fish tank instead of a bare wall reduces stress levels significantly.

It is a known fact that petting animals help relieve stress. This can be particularly helpful if one is alone and nobody else to talk to or touch.

If left to me, I would have animals kept in all schools and wherever children are and even get them to visit hospitals if and when they do not threaten patients’ health and do not bring in infections.

The next question then is as to why animals make us happy. Some explain it on the simple ground that it is because they do not criticize, condemn, or complain, and remain loyal, non judgmental, and full of love and caring and provide steady unconditional affection. If it is a pet, then they provide us with breaks in our daily routine by their little antics and affection. And of course they remain our most loyal companions till the end.

And lastly animals as our pets make us responsible. They improve our feeling of self-worth as they give us a sense of purpose in life as we feel that we are needed by somebody.

Generally speaking, it is a known fact that people are happier when they are helping others. In other words, you would be happier if you help any animal but imagine the extent of your happiness if you help a stray animal who has no place to go and you find it shivering in the cold or sitting helplessly in a corner in rain. It is likely to give you far more happiness than adopting a pedigreed breed which you may show-off to others but that is about all.

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  1. Love this article❤️🐾🐾❤️ Been a minute, but the words are timeless. Just like the quote from A. France

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