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Tick Prevention Tips

  • Stay away from infested areas.Ticks live in vegetative and wooded areas. They have heat sensors that could easily detect your dog’s body heat. Once in your dog’s fur, it would then feed in order to fertilie it’s eggs.
  • Tick Collars.This can be a proxy to the topical medications and it should be changed every 3-4 months.
  • Topical tick and flea medications.Make use of quality and reputable brand for your dog. Most products lasts between 30-90 days.
  • Tick Spray.Tick sprays are only used when needed. This is effective when you go travel in an infested place. Don’t worry, most tick sprays are made from organic products so your pekingese won’t be exposed to harmful pesticides.
  • Daily bathing and shampooing.There are lots of tick and flea shampoos available in the grocery store, go get one and do a daily bathing routine with your dog.


Ticks and fleas are such a nuisance to both you and your dog, aside from the diseases it can also make your dog feel uncomfortable due to unending scratching.

They might even hurt themselves in the process, thus being a responsible owner you should help your pet prevent the infestation of ticks in your home


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