The Indian Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960

Clip_112The Government of India repealed its 1890 Act and replaced it by a new law, namely the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960.

An Animals Welfare Board has been constituted under the new law which, amongst other functions, advises the government on any amendments required to the laws, and to stop the killing of stray dogs and enforce the animal birth control program throughout India. This has institutionalized the entire animal welfare movement by strengthening existing laws and ensuring they are implemented.

The Board requires also sets up SPCAs in each district with an attached hospital on land given by the local administration.

The extent of legislation in India, as opposed to Pakistan, where it is almost non-existent can be appreciated by the list of the following rules that have introduced under the authority of the 1960 Indian law:

  • The Draught and Pack Animals Rules 1965
  • The Licensing of Farriers Rules 1965
  • The Performing Animals Rules 1973
  • The Transport of Animals Rules 1978
  • The Application of Fines Rules 1978
  • The Registration of Cattle Premises Rules 1978
  • The Capture of Animals Rules 1972
  • The Breeding of and Experiments on Animals (Control & Supervision) Amendment Rules 2001
  • The Performing Animals (Registration) Rules 2001
  • The Transport of Animals on Foot Rules 2001
  • The Transport of Animals (Amendment) Rules 2001
  • The Slaughter House Rules 2001
  • The Establishment and Regulation of SPCAs Rules 2001
  • The Animal Birth Control (Dog) Rules 2001

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