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92,000 Dog Bite Cases Till June 2019

‘Controlling dog population is only solution to get rid of life-threatening rabies infection’ Amid the wait for a serious government initiative to tackle the problem of stray dogs in the province, the Indus Hospital (IH) has seen a spike in dog-bite cases over the past three weeks while a suspected case of rabies is currently […]

Karachi: Mass Dog Culling to be Replaced with Sterilisation

October 11, 2019 The municipal authorities will not initiate mass dog culling as a means to tackle the problem of dog bites and human rabies. The government will rather encourage and promote scientific methods of eliminating this disease. This commitment came from Commissioner of Karachi Iftikhar Shallwani and Health Secretary Saeed Awan who co-chaired a […]

Yoga Instructor Loves Animals

Sana Raja is a yoga instructor at the women training centre of the Social Welfare Department. Her love for animals, however, led her to do a two-year veterinary course at the Pir Mehr Ali Shah-Arid Agriculture University. She now treats stray animals at her home and currently has some 70 stray cats and dogs in […]

Rabies-Free Karachi Pilot Project

One of the more distressing practices that has become the norm in Pakistan is to carry out culls of packs of stray dogs that roam many of our towns and cities. Their population in urban areas tends only to grow, especially in places where ample food is available in open garbage dumps. This means that […]

Stray Dogs of Islamabad

Stray dogs in the Diplomatic Enclave were vaccinated against rabies in May 2018. Wives of diplomats paid for the campaign and also made sure all dogs are administered the vaccines. It is sad as it is the responsibility of the citizens of Pakistan to look after the plight of all animals in the country which […]

The Poison Dog Capsules in Your Home

by Jenny Holt  The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has only one way of reducing the number of stray dogs on the streets: poison capsules. Whenever there is an increase in dog-related hospital cases, the KMC fills trash cans with poison capsules so that strays will eat them. 50 of these capsules are dispatched at each waste site, […]

Pakistan Needs More Shelters Like the Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation’s Center in Karachi

Ask any animal lover in Karachi if they’ve heard of Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation and you’ll hear nothing but good things about all the non-profit does for animal welfare. The organisation rescues abandoned and/or abused stray animals and provides them with food, shelter, free medical treatment and rehabilitation. The foundation has now opened the doors to […]

Stray Dogs Kill a Girl But is Killing Them the Solution

A four-year- old girl died after she was bitten by a stray dog in Hyderabad’s Aliabad neighborhood on January 25, 2015 night. The deceased victim, Saira Chandio, was attacked while she was playing with other children near an embankment of River Indus. Her parents rushed her to Bhitai hospital in Latifabad but she succumbed to […]

Life of Stray Dogs in Pakistan

Stray dogs lope around, their tails between their legs, trying to be invisible. They shy from physical contact with people but respond with surprise and simpering gratitude if it is offered. Most of their physical interactions with people come in the form of kicks or flying stones. Their only real joy come when they join […]