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Shelter Homes (Kanji Houses) in the Punjab

Introduced during the British era, Kanji Houses were set up across various areas in Punjab for catching and sheltering stray animals roaming in Lahore. However in recent times some shelter houses have been transformed into government offices or rest houses, while many others are under the control of land occupation mafias, resulting in a scenario […]

Punjab to Spay Stray Dogs

More than 450,000 dogs are expected to be vaccinated and neutered during the campaign The Punjab Government has finally crafted a solution to control the growing population of stray dogs in the province. For the first time in decades, the provincial administration has decided to neuter the free-roaming population of stray dogs instead of killing […]

Stray Dogs in Lahore

Television actor Yashma Gill on Oct 18, 2020 uploaded a video on Instagram revealing that her recently adopted and vaccinated stray dogs had been shot outside of her home. She uploaded a video of herself yelling at an official at the Cantonment Board Lahore The video showed her yelling at an official at the Cantonment […]