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Kabul’s Stray Dogs

Almost every city in the world has to deal with street crime, and some with dog packs. But few, if any, have to navigate such an underworld while also confronting unrelenting war. By Fatima Faizi and Thomas Gibbons-Neff/ March 21, 2021 Civilians in Afghanistan’s capital live in constant fear of being killed in a targeted attack as […]

Stray Dogs in Rawalpindi

The number of stray dogs has increased in the limits of Rawalpindi’s Metropolitan Municipal Corporation (MMC) and Cantonment areas, leading to the rising incidents of dog bites in the city. The administration has failed to cope with this serious issue and constantly failing to control it. A large number of dogs roam around the Butchers […]

Ruling on pye-dogs

Court rules a case will be registered against the concerned municipal officer on every dog bite October 24, 2020 As the pye-dog population in the various cities and towns of Sindh province continues to rise, the Sindh High Court has come up with a judgment that offers an effective solution to the growing dog-bite menace. […]

Dogs Attacking People in India

On a recent evening just a few minutes before the sun went down, Sahreen Bano, a 10-year-old girl, walked into a sugar cane field to urinate before going to bed. A pack of wild dogs was waiting for her. The dogs formed a tight ring as well as then closed in, pulling her down as […]

What to Do if You Come Across an Aggressive, Threatening Dog

Would you know what to do if you suddenly came upon an aggressive, threatening dog? And what if you got bitten? On “The Early Show”, resident veterinarian Dr. Debbye Turner Bell offered important pointers on preventing — and treating — dog bites. She also had words to the wise about keeping your dog from becoming aggressive. According to […]

The Blessing of a Rescued Dog

She looks like a cross between Groucho Marx and a dust mop, and she’s a bulwark against despair. By Margaret Renkl Jan. 27, 2019/ New York Times The scruffy little dog of indeterminate origin — she’s either a beagle mix or a terrier mix, depending on which veterinarian is guessing — reaches the end of the […]

Rabies Can be Controlled by Vaccinating the Dogs

Sometimes the interests of humans and animals are the same, but humans have to save the animals first. In Goa, about 40 percent of free-roaming dogs are too skittish to be easily handled. A Mission Rabies team, trailed by reporter James Gorman, in blue hat, using nets to catch and vaccinate them against the virus. […]

Tata Group’s HQ for Stray Dogs

It Is A Woofderful Life A dog’s house is his castle—alm­ost literally. Bombay House, the 94-year-old building that ser­­ves as the Tata Group’s global HQ, has been a comfortable den for stray dogs for decades. When Ratan Tata became chairman of Tata Sons in 1991, he regularised his tenants, furnishing amenities that were the equal […]

Istanbul Vets Make Stray Animals Feel at Home

ISTANBUL: The Vetbus, a mobile clinic service for animals. Concerned for the health of a black cat roaming around the university campus where she works, Mevlude dropped off the feline at the veterinary clinic for street animals run by the Istanbul municipality. Visitors to the Turkish city, who admire its centuries-old mosques and Ottoman palaces, […]