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Need to Invest in the Veterinary Sector

Vets and animal experts from the FOUR PAWS International, perform dental procedure of a 16 year-old elephant, Madhubala, at the zoo in Karachi, Pakistan August 17, 2022. Stressing the need to invest in the veterinary sector, a welfare organisation has estimated that about 60 per cent old and 75% emerging infectious diseases are caused by […]

Close Down the Karachi Zoo

Did you know that out of tragic necessity, India’s Mumbai Zoo is rapidly transforming into a taxidermy museum. Since they are unable to replace animals that die in their cramped and filthy cages, zoo officials have concluded that it would be better to stuff ‘expired’ animals and subsequently put them on display. Hence, the zoo’s […]

Roving Vets of Mexico

By Emiliano Rodríguez Mega/ Photographs by Victor J. Blue Pedro Parra stood by his horse’s side as the animal dropped to the ground under the weight of anesthesia. Its four hooves flailed for a moment, then ceased, and a team of volunteer veterinarians rushed in. One placed a pillow under the patient’s neck; another tied a rope […]

Illegal Hunting & Catching of Sea Turtles

Unabated poaching of rare sea turtles along Pakistan’s coast is adding to the looming threat to the survival of the already endangered species. Hundreds of small and big aquariums are openly buying and selling baby turtles across the port city, the hub of this illegal trade. Wildlife officials raided an aquarium last week on Burns […]

How to Handle the Stray Dog Problem in Islamabad

by Ayesha Mateen & Yusuf Khan Islamabad faces a contentious public health issue that has long plagued its residents: the spread of rabies and the treatment of stray animals. The complexities surrounding the practice of dog culling as a measure to control rabies have implications for both animal welfare and public health. Despite promises made by the […]

Shelter Homes (Kanji Houses) in the Punjab

Introduced during the British era, Kanji Houses were set up across various areas in Punjab for catching and sheltering stray animals roaming in Lahore. However in recent times some shelter houses have been transformed into government offices or rest houses, while many others are under the control of land occupation mafias, resulting in a scenario […]

Monkeys Rescued From Shrine in Purwa, KP

The district administration, in collaboration with the Wildlife Department, conducted a raid on a shrine in Purwa Tehsil of Dera Ismail Khan district, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, where several monkeys were found locked up. The Commissioner was alerted about the distressing situation of monkeys donated by devotees to the shrine in Purwa. “The Commissioner was informed about the […]

Four Paws Scheme: Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate, Return

Four simple steps to protect millions of stray cats and dogs Did you know that a single female dog can deliver more than a dozen puppies a year, or more than 80 over her lifetime? Female cats are even more prolific in their reproductive capacity, with each intact female cat potentially giving birth to 180 […]