Tag: Endangered Animals in Pakistan

Persian Leopard Spotted in Hingol National Park

A Persian leopard was seen after a long time in the complex and difficult mountain range of Nani Mandir near  Hingol National Park around 230km away from Karachi at a three hour drive on Makran Highway in Balochistan. A pilgrim at the temple made a video of the leopard roaming around, with his cell phone. This species […]

Illegal Hunting & Catching of Sea Turtles

Unabated poaching of rare sea turtles along Pakistan’s coast is adding to the looming threat to the survival of the already endangered species. Hundreds of small and big aquariums are openly buying and selling baby turtles across the port city, the hub of this illegal trade. Wildlife officials raided an aquarium last week on Burns […]

Gharial’ Crocodiles Discovered in the Sutlej River

The Punjab Wildlife Department has uncovered evidence of the presence of the endangered gharial (gavial) crocodile species in the River Sutlej. A survey team, in June 2023, reported the existence of approximately 10 gharials, including six baby crocodiles, residing in the Ganda Singhwala area of the river. The revelation follows a viral online video featuring […]

Chiltan Ibex Goat Back from Brink of Extinction

Hazarganji-Chiltan National Park is the only place in the world where the Chiltan ibex can be found. Once reduced to just a few hundred, the population of a rare wild goat found in southwestern Pakistan has shown a gradual increase over the past five years despite the persistent threats of climate change and poaching. Located […]

Leopards in KP

In Feb 2023, a leopard cat which was trapped by the locals at Barghozi village in Upper Chitral was rescued by wildlife officials and later released in its natural habitat after treatment of minor wounds in the paw. Divisional Forest Officer Wildlife Chitral Rizwanullah received reports about the trapping of the leopard cat which strayed […]

Punjab’s Wildlife Under Threat

Punjab’s wildlife faces an increasing threat of extinction due to the incompetence of authorities. Wildlife surveys have not been conducted for many years, and the results of past surveys are being kept secret. This has resulted in a significant decline in the population of various species, including the Aryal in the Salt Range, which is […]

Three Leopards Killed by the People in KP

In Khyber tribal district, three leopard cubs have been killed as two cubs were poisoned to death or shot on February 15 in the far-flung area of Tirah valley and another one was hunted down in the Shalman area of Landi Kotal in March 2023. In 2022, two adult leopards were killed when they attacked […]