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Donkeys Working in Miserable Conditions in Mines

by Asif Mehmood/ Sept 26, 2022 Working long hours and often in gruesome conditions, mine workers lead a rough life but it pales in comparison to the life that donkeys, who work in coal mines, lead. In Chakwal district of Punjab, which has more than 500 coal mines, thousands of donkeys work alongside daily wage […]

Donkeys’ Numbers Increase by 400,000

The number of donkeys climbed by 400,000 to 5.7 million, preserving Pakistan’s position as the world’s third-largest donkey population, according to Pakistan’s Economic Survey 2020-21. The donkey is the only pack animal whose population has increased by 100,000 each year since 2001/02, while the population of other animals such as camels, horses and mules has […]

Donkey Festival in Badin

By Sameer Mandhro The donkeys are given a persona of their own which is often reflected in their unique names, such as Mahduri, Sheela, much to the amusement of visitors. They are also adorned with tassels, ribbons and the like, to look more attractive for buyers.  They came in all shapes and sizes. White ones. […]

Improving Animal Conditions Can Alleviate Poverty

Invisible Helpers in Pakistan by D. Valette, Invisible Helpers: Women’s views on the contributions of working donkeys, horses and mules to their lives, The Brooke, 2014. Poverty is widespread in Pakistan and is particularly predominant in rural areas. As many as 58.7 million people in Pakistan are living in poverty. Nearly two thirds of the population […]