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CDA Opens a Stray Dogs Population Control Center

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has taken up the task of population control of stray dogs in Islamabad in the wake of increasing incidents of dog biting particularly in rural areas. The CDA Chairman Captain (r) Muhammad Usman Younas recently inaugurated the ‘Stray Dogs Population Control Centre’ located on Park Road in the Tarlai area […]

Betting on Dog Fights is a Cruel Sport

It’s a dog-eat-dog word—some survive the brutal fight heavily wounded, others collapse to the ground as spectators cheer. Be it in grim alleys or in broad day-light at a public fair, hundreds of spectators still gather every week to witness what’s locally called a dangal, in Punjab’s orthodox villages. A form of blood sport where […]

Stray Animals Helpless During Winter

As winter strengthens its grip, stray animals seek shelter for themselves and their offsprings in any nook and cranny they can find – often ending up inside car hoods. Islamabad’s stray cat population is on the rise and with neutering not on the cards, the winter poses challenges for these felines. To combat the cold […]

Lahore’s Police Canine Center

The Canine Center of Punjab Police Special Branch, the only facility harboring sniffer dogs for explosives detection being run by civilian administration, is in a shambles due to a severe shortage of staff. “The center is being run by only 29% of the total designated number of employees,” shared an officer. Only 74 of the […]

Punjab to Spay Stray Dogs

More than 450,000 dogs are expected to be vaccinated and neutered during the campaign The Punjab Government has finally crafted a solution to control the growing population of stray dogs in the province. For the first time in decades, the provincial administration has decided to neuter the free-roaming population of stray dogs instead of killing […]

How to Handle the Stray Dog Problem?

By Yusra Salim/ April 25, 2021/ Express Tribune In the last few years, the notion of animal rights has gained more traction in Pakistan and people have become more and more vocal about defending their rights. Social media has also given many people the platform to raise awareness about this and gain more and more […]

A Stray Dog’s Life: Dawn Dec 2019 Editorial

A Stray dog’s life is nasty, brutish and short. To counter the growing incidence of dog bites and thus quell public outrage, the Sindh government directed the municipal authorities to revive a campaign to cull stray dogs in September 2019. The order followed the death of child in Larkana who had contracted rabies from an […]