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The Birds are Not Stupid

By  Maneka Sanjay Gandhi Birds in tropical climates face predators- larger birds, mammals and snakes- who rob their nests, stealing eggs or killing chicks.  In a study published in The American Naturalist, scientists report a novel nesting strategy adopted by a tropical lowland bird that inhabits an area with high losses to nest predators.  The […]

The Poor Bustard in India

What Can You Do Help the Poor Bustard? Designate well-protected core breeding areas, where the bustards’ ecological needs are factored in with low-intensity livelihood concerns Enlist support of local communities and all the relevant departments Conserve grasslands. Curtail detrimental infrastructure and other projects in GIB priority areas. Policy changes regarding land use and prioritisation of […]

Book on Indian Birds by Madhaviah Krishnan

You should read this book if you know nothing about birds, and equally, if you marvel at them or enjoy watching them and listening to their calls. Madhaviah Krishnan, one of India’s greatest naturalists, and incontestably our finest nature writer in English, will hold you spellbound with his lapidary descriptions of birds in the forest, […]