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Monitoring of Lahore Zoo

In January 2024, the caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi ordered various government departments, including the Intelligence Bureau and Anti-Corruption Establishment, to monitor ongoing construction work at Lahore Zoo and Safari Zoo. He asked them to update his office about… Read More »Monitoring of Lahore Zoo

Stray Dogs in Sindh

In 2022, 200,000 cases of dog bites were reported across Sindh. Even though the population of stray dogs has increased alarmingly in the province, this is a country-wide problem. The inability of provincial governments and municipal administrations to devise a… Read More »Stray Dogs in Sindh

Leopards in KP

In Feb 2023, a leopard cat which was trapped by the locals at Barghozi village in Upper Chitral was rescued by wildlife officials and later released in its natural habitat after treatment of minor wounds in the paw. Divisional Forest… Read More »Leopards in KP