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Animals in Islamabad

Every few days, there are reported sightings of wild animals in and around Islamabad. During the coronavirus-induced lockdown,several videos and pictures of various animals were making rounds on social media in which they could be seen roaming around in the city. Due to an influx of visitors at the Margalla Hills, the wild animals are […]

Female Leopard Spotted on Trails 4 & 6 in Islamabad

The Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) has issued a warning to citizens visiting Trails Four and Six of the Margalla Hills after another leopard was spotted there in early February 2021. The Board has spotted five leopards so far through trap cameras. The Margalla Hills are a permanent habitat for the wildcats. They have adapted to the surroundings and […]

Gray Gorial in Margalla Hills National Park under Threat

The endangered gray gorial are at the risk of being hunted into extinction from Margalla Hills, said a senior wildlife official. Besides gray gorial, poachers are also extensively hunting barking deer and wild boars to make illegal profits, said Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWBM) Deputy Director Mumtaz Alam Khan. Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP) forming […]

Who Killed the 5 Deer in Islamabad’s F-8 Enclosure?

A wild animal killed five deer and injured one in an enclosure looked after by the Zoo authorities because of negligence on the part of zoo staff. An animal, likely to be a jackal or a wolf, attacked the deer in an exclusive deer enclosure on a greenbelt between Faisal Avenue and a service road […]