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The Dog Lawyer Doesn’t Care That You Hate Him

In defending dogs at all costs, Richard Rosenthal has made a lot of enemies. But his animal clients owe him their lives. By Hope Corrigan NYT/ July 29, 2022 The case before the court involved a Rhode Island greyhound named Lexus, accused of killing a Pomeranian in a dog park. The prosecution was asking for the […]

Stray Dogs in America: Documentary “Free Puppies”

What Do Stray Dogs Tell Us About the South? NYT/ Dec. 12, 2022 By Margaret Renkl As the documentary “Free Puppies” opens, a fluffy dog named Albert is galloping down a beach boardwalk. His companion, a much bigger dog, is leaping with excitement, but Albert is harnessed into a dog wheelchair. He was found on the […]

When Your Dog Is a Teenager

by Alexandra Horowitz The puppy I know — the young sprite we adopted at 8 weeks, whose life I’ve observed since her birth — is changing again. Quid is 6 months old and just seemed to be settling into our family of three people, two older dogs and a cat. But all at once, she […]

India’s Distinctive Birdhouses

For seven years, a photographer based in Delhi has collected images of ornamental structures known as chabutras. Here are some of his favorites. Photographs and Text by Nipun Prabhakar Nipun Prabhakar here shares a collection of images from the Kutch district of Gujarat, a state in western India. Some years ago, while exploring Bhuj, a small […]

Did Nature Heal During the Pandemic ‘Anthropause’?

Covid precautions created a global slowdown in human activity — and an opportunity to learn more about the complex ways we affect other species. By Emily Anthes/ July 16, 2022 In a typical spring, breeding seabirds — and human seabird-watchers — flock to Stora Karlsö, an island off the coast of Sweden. But in 2020, the […]

Ban Animal Baiting & Hunting with Dogs

The prevalence of animal baiting and the horrible torture that animals suffer have finally compelled the Punjab wildlife department to ban the fierce practice mostly done for entertainment. In a October 6, 2021 letter, the deputy director of the Wildlife department Lahore directed to stop the use of wild animals in baiting with dogs. The […]

On Tiny Guam, It’s One Dogcatcher vs. 30,000 Strays

They bite, they threaten, they carry the risk of rabies. Islanders are sharply divided over what to do about the dogs. And Nicholas Ibanez is caught in the middle. Stray dogs in Guam are responsible for attacks on people and pets, and carry the threat of rabies. By Kelly Kasulis Cho The York Times/ Nov. 7, […]

Zoos Should be Closed

By Emma Marris/ June 11, 2021/ NYT Ms. Marris is an environmental writer and the author of the forthcoming book “Wild Souls: Freedom and Flourishing in the Non-Human World.” After being captives of the pandemic for more than a year, we have begun experiencing the pleasures of simple outings: dining al fresco, shopping with a […]