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Rs 100 Million Budgetary Allocation for Islamabad Zoo under Public Service Development Program

The federal government has allocated Rs 100 million under Public Service Development Programme (PSDP) for Climate Change Division new scheme in the fiscal year 2022-23 to establish a wildlife conservation and information center at the old Islamabad Zoo.

The allocated amount of millions of rupees in the year 2022-23 focused on initiating development work on the only Zoo in Islamabad that went non-functional due to its closure on orders of the Islamabad High Court.

The wildlife conservation center as proposed by the ministry would be a modern facility having advanced technological solutions to impart wildlife information to its visitors.

The Ministry overall got the allocation of Rs9.6 billion for it’s new and ongoing projects that would focus on climate change adaptation and mitigation endeavours to purge the country from adverse impacts of environmental degradation and global warming.

According to a budgetary document, the PSDP Planned Activities for year 2022-23 in Climate Change Division focused on Disaster Risk Management, Early Warning Systems, Availability of clean drinking water in Pakistan, Transition towards environmentally resilient Pakistan through adaptation and mitigation targeting ecological initiatives consistent with the Pakistan’s nationally determined contributions (NDCs) objectives, Attaining Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) to generate eco-system services and provide additional support to mitigation of GHG in Pakistan, Promote eco-tourism and improve the carbon sinking capacity and to establish real time monitoring of ambient air quality through establishment of monitoring stations, in periodic manner, throughout Islamabad.

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