Rescue 1122 Catches Indian Deer


In Nov 2019, Rescue 1122 staff caught a rare Indian wild deer, which attacked and injured a girl after entering a house at Sirjal village of Zafarwal tehsil after it was locked in a room by locals.

According to Rescue 1122 officials, the wild deer entered the house of a local, Iqbal, when its main gate was left ajar. The deer suddenly attacked Kainat (17) who was present in the house, they dded.

Alerted by the cries of the girl and her family members for help, locals gathered there and after rescuing them managed to lock the deer in a room. On being informed of the incident, a teams of Rescue 1122 and Zafarwal police reached the spot. The police controlled the crowd that had gathered there, while Rescue 1122 staff caught the wild female deer.

According to locals, wild animals, including tigers, monkeys etc often crossed over to Pakistan’s territory from Indian forests in search of food.

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