Rainy Season Dangerous for Animals in Lahore Zoo

The animals at the Lahore Zoo suffer from standing water posing a threat to various animals. The water can provide a breeding ground for various diseases.

According to veterinary doctors, animals can suffer from diarrhoea and Gal Ghotu diseases due to the lack of cleanliness. There is a need to make special arrangements for them during monsoon season.

Animals are living in dirty surroundings and are likely to catch diseases.

Around 1,000 birds have been shifted to a yet to be fully constructed veterinary hospital at the zoo. Rainwater gets accumulated in the animals’ cages.

“The rainy season is dangerous for animals, especially grazing animals. In this season, animals have diseases in their feet and mouth. They can also get skin diseases due to stagnant rainwater,” said veterinary Doctor Khalid Maqsood.

Dr Maqsood said zoo animals were vaccinated in developed countries during the rainy season. “Just like human beings, animals also need proper care.

There is a need for the zoo administration to focus on proper diet, cleanliness and vaccination of animals so that they stay healthy.

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