Pakistani Celebs Who Are Obsessed With Their Pets


Mawra Hocane

mowra-hosainPakistani actress Mawra Hocane has been known for her love of cats. Mawra, who has now ventured into the Indian film industry, took to Instagram and posted a picture of her pet cat, quite some time ago.

Mehwish Hayatt

clip_33The Billi of Na Maloom Afraad, Mehwish Hayat is not obsessed with cats in real life rather she is a known fan of dogs. Here is she, hugging her pet dog with love.clip_34

Neelam Muneer

clip_50Neelam Muneer is one of the best budding actresses of Pakistan’s drama industry. Neelam is also a big fan of dogs and has one for a pet herself.

Syra Yousaf

clip_19This cute actress Syra Yousuf is also crazy behind dogs. You can witness her love for the furry ones in the pictures.

Fawad Khan

clip_19Heartthrob Fawad Khan also loves pets and apparently he also has a craze for taming dogs instead of cats.

Sheheryar Munawwar

clip_19-2Sheheryar Munawwar makes his life more lovable with his affection for his sweet little pet cat.

Maya Ali

Another actress who loves to tame pets is our very own Maya Ali.


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