Pakistani Actress Rabi Pirzada Loves Snakes

clip_45-2Rabi Pirzada’s may have gained some recognition owing to her brief acting and singing stints, but there’s more to her than that what meets the eye. The Shor Sharaba beauty happens to be very fond of snakes. In fact, Pirzada’s bedroom is currently home to four pet snakes and she hopes to adopt more from different parts of the country.

Pirzada explained that this rather strange fascination of her’s has stuck around since childhood. “I have loved snakes ever since I was young, even though my parents were not in favour of this. They used to try and stop me but I patiently waited till a time I could afford the hobby myself,” she said. “My pets love me back too. Whenever I enter my room, I can tell that they are happy to see me and I try my best to look after them personally as they are familiar with only me.”

clip_47Ironically, the more dangerous the snakes are, the more Pirzada is drawn to them. “Right now, I even have a cobra in my room. People, especially my relatives, are surprised when they hear of my hobby but I know that my love for snakes comes from God. Snakes are also divine creations that need love and care,” she shared. “It is also a miracle that I have never been bitten by one!”

The actor, along with a team of experts visits jungles in various parts of Pakistan to look for different species of snakes. “I love snakes so much that I refuse to purchase them from sellers. All of the pets I have so far have been extensively searched for and caught by us.”

clip_48Pirzada also travels to different villages in search of snakes whenever she has free time on her hands. She has even prepared a special hunting suit that safeguards her from bites. “It’s true that I am braver than most girls but I need protection too. I would not advise anyone else to go near snakes without proper training or information,” she added.

Odd as it may seem, Pirzada’s love for snakes is more than just a hobby for her. “I have made it my top priority to spread awareness regarding these beautiful creatures, amongst my colleagues and followers. If anyone can, they should adopt snakes as well,” she said. “I know actors around the world have other, slightly more expensive preferences when it comes to pets but I guess I am unique. Yes, they can be dangerous but in my experience, snakes are gentle if you are gentle to them.”


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